My Biography

Mr. Antoine Chakhtoura

Mr. Antoine Antoine CHAKHTOURA was born in Dekwaneh - Metn, in a modest, religious Christian Lebanese family of four children. His father is late Antoine CHAKHTOURA and his mother is Madeleine BOU ABBOUD.

Antoine Jr. went to "Collège du Sacré-Coeur" (Frères Gemmayzé) where he received his Elementary education, pursued his Intermediate and Secondary education at Mont La Salle school, then obtained a Bachelor Degree in Law from La Sagesse University in Beirut.

Mr. CHAKHTOURA practiced as apprentice at the law firm of attorney-at-law Mr. Joseph Boutros FARAH. In 1997, he became an independent attorney-at-law, putting his bureau at the service of public interest up to this date.

Mr. Antoine Antoine CHAKHTOURA was raised in a family that has been involved in public sector and has offered services to Dekwaneh for decades through his father late Antoine CHAKHTOURA who was active in social service and municipal political affairs since 1988 until his election in 2000 as President of the Municipality of Dekwaneh - Mar Roukoz - Dahr El Hossein.

After his father’s death, he dedicated his life to public affairs and to the service of the inhabitants of his region, attending to their needs.

In 2010, he ran for the municipal and mayorship elections in Dekwaneh, leading a list of 15 members, 5 mayors and 3 supply members that has won the overall majority.

In five years, thanks to his diligent efforts and the synergy between his municipal council and the mayors of his town, Mr. CHAKHTOURA has become very successful on developmental, educational, social, political and media levels in his area.

He has held the following high-ranking positions:

Member of the British Association for Law in the Middle East (London).

  • Member of the International Committee on United Cities and Local Governments.
  • Member of the Episcopal Committee for Islamic-Christian Dialogue.
  • Head of the Advisory Board of Trustees, association involved in  strategic political studies.
  • Head of the Advisory Board of the Eastern Club for Civilizations Dialogue.

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